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We now sit upon the precipice of the largest war in EVE in a very long time. The galaxy has effectively polarized along a singular line striking directly through the center of the galaxy. On one half stands Legacy and The Imperium and on the other sits Panfam and the Holy Winter Army. Of the top fifty alliances in the game by Dotlan, 46 are directly committed to this war on one side or the other, and below that there are dozens if not hundreds more.

Eve however, is full of wars that never were and battles that never materialized. I do not know if this one will be the same. A war is never a war until both sides can actually come into conflict. This one is certainly going to involve us losing some structures and space, but will it have the daily battles of the tribute war? The insane tempo movements of the catch war? The grand finale of the Halloween war? Or the wet fart ending of the Casino war? Now that the die is cast and the last pieces are in position, we’ll soon find out.

Whichever path it takes, the war we’ve all been predicting would eventually come to our doorstep is finally on our doorstep. As expected, with PL deciding to moving their super fleet down to our border, we would now be effectively outgunned in a massive capital fight unless we utilize some considerable force multipliers. We only get one shot at a decisive war ending capital fight, and as you might have noticed, the 4-GB keepstar’s armor timer did not leave us with enough of those force multipliers and defensive advantages to have the fight then. This is a product of us losing the ihub and failing to recapture it (along with the location of 4-GB), a mistake that will possibly cost us a keepstar. It’s unfortunate, but this is the current meta, and TEST alliance plays to win wars not battles.

So with that being said, let's talk about how we’re going to win this war. We didn’t put out an alliance update when PL moved their super fleet down because the front lines still hadn’t been fully drawn. But with PL’s super fleet out of the north, Goons have decided to make their move, deploying their entire massive armor supercapital fleet up to Cloud Ring, where they are anchoring a keepstar tonight to stage an invasion of the North. This makes the war rather simple. It’s Imperium and Legacy, along with a few small allies, vs. the rest of the world. Since this is the case, we see no reason to beat around the bush any longer, as our enemies certainly aren’t; later today Legacy will be bluing the Imperium.

There are two fronts, the Northern front and the Southern front, it’s not complicated. When you think of the war in those terms, there’s no alliance I’d rather have on the Southern front than ourselves. We’ve been in this position before, and we’ve excelled. Two years ago we fought an excellent war in Tribute, against an opponent that outgunned us far more than our current opponents. We were patient, we were disciplined, we didn’t feed very often while winning timer after timer. We waited for the right moments and then when our enemies made a mistake, we dread bombed their boson titan and killed it, then went right back to being patient and winning timers the next day.

If we can fight with the same kind of discipline and tenacity that we had in the Tribute war two years ago, we will outlast our enemies, if not we will lose. It’s really that simple. No alliance in the history of EVE ever died because they lost some space or some structures, instead every dead alliance ever has died because they stopped forming fleets, that’s all there is to it. TEST alliance is a great example of this, as we kept forming even after losing everything 6 years ago. Most of the current great alliances still alive today are an example of this as well. We are going to lose some structures and some battles, but we will not lose anything willingly, and we will patiently wait for the right moments to deal a devastating blow, while having plenty of daily skirmishes. Eventually there will be a decisive battle of Titans and Supers, and it’s quite possible that the final battle of this war will be fought in the North rather than the South. When that time comes, the winner will be determined by the summation of the victories from the days before. Every day we fight well and play smart, we give ourselves an added advantage in the world ending battle to come.

With that being said, let’s talk details about the steps you need to take to be a contributing part of this war:

Step 1: Evacuate anything you have from the 4-GB keepstar. It is timed for euro and while we will attempt to save it, my expectation is that it will die. Being that none of us are staged from there it shouldn’t be a primary problem but it is a point that needed to be addressed regardless.

Step 2: Adopt a mindset that is correct for this war. That means being ok with losing things and not taking bad fights. Discipline is a fundamental component of every effective real and virtual military force. There are a host of boxing movies where the guy takes a beating to win in the final round. Our day to day strategy will not be public but it will obviously be comparable in some

Step 3: Improve ping discipline. THIS WILL BE MOSTLY A FLASH FORM WAR. If we ping for a rage caps login, we need a rage caps login. It’s called that because you should be like a raging animal pushing forth all other things to spam that login button. Conversely if you see that type of ping that means get out of the belts and get to your battle stations. The windows we get to throw effective counter punches will not present themselves for hours, they will be minutes and when we get those opportunities we need to strike effectively.

Step 4: Don’t feed. This is a meme but its also a harsh reality. If we feed we encourage behaviour from our enemies to achieve a repeat of the event. If you feed a rorqual, the next day the same people will be back at the same time hoping for a repeat. Bombers bar is the easiest example of this but it applies to skillu/PL etc.

Step 5: Continue to get our doctrine ships properly sorted. We have finally fixed the doctrine page on the wiki which you can see here:


The doctrine table shows you which ships you should have where, and the doctrine pages have the correct fleet compositions and the correct fits. Please get all of your fits from those pages from now on. We are still making a lot of improvements to the wiki, but those parts are functional again. Once again, IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU GET YOUR SHIPS BEFORE THE FLEET, NOT WHILE IT’S FORMING. THIS IS CALLED BEING PREPARED, AND IT’S CRITICAL TO OUR ABILITY TO FLASH FORM. We know that supply has been slow at times, it’s just part of being in a war where everyone is buying a ton of ships, be patient, more stuff will be seeded every day.

Step 6: Make sure all your capitals are prepared for battle. Your corp CEOs and leadership has been informed of this step as well at the TEST command meeting, and we need you to put in the effort as well. Capital and Supercapital pilots will be getting continued updates and instructions on what to do as we change tactics and prepare for a large capital battle, you need to make these changes ASAP, and once again make sure that your ships are ready before the pings are sent. You can not be an effective capital pilot for TEST alliance if your capital is not ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Step 7: If you're US TZ, wake the fuck up. This will be the most US tz content we've gotten in years. There will be nightly US tz content. It's time to stop being dormant in that timezone and get into fight mode again. That starts tonight with the Goon Keepstar. Make sure you're there at 02:00. We'd like to form two fleets.

And that’s it. We have had 18 months in Esoteria roughly now. Some of you have used this time well and some corps within TEST have my utmost respect and admiration for their growth and accomplishments in that time. Some of you have failed spectacularly to utilize any of the resources we have provided you with. Regardless, the boat we now sit in doesn’t care what you did over the last year and a half, it only cares for what you will do in the coming weeks and months. Be smart, patient, and resilient, and we will outlast our opponents.
翻译完成 GTMD vily,这NM写小说呢(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Show

我们正处在一场空前的席卷整个EVE的大战争的风口浪尖,整个银河系被一分为二。一半是legacy和imperium;另一半是panfam和WINTER,TRI以及HRE的联军 (天国的GOTG:我呢?(・□・;))。整个游戏最大的50个联盟中,有46个参与了这场战争,除此之外还有成百上千大大小小的联盟也参与其中。

然而EVE这个游戏充斥着口头上的战争和互相咕咕咕的战斗,一场“战争”在双方真正拉开架势互抽之前都算不上是真正的战争,我不知道这次是否也会是同样的结局。我们会在这场战争中丢掉很多建筑和领土,但我们会像当年在tribute那样每天打得昏天黑地吗(NCPL与当时的CO2和TEST在Tribute的战争,结果CO2和TEST战败转进南方)?会像在catch那样疯狂游击吗(不太熟悉,请大佬科普)?会像Halloween war那样一锤定音吗(著名的B-R5RB大战)?还是会像Casino war(即World War Bee,话说Vily你改口的真快23333)那样不了了之吗?The die is cast,我们只能拭目以待。

不管会如何展开,战争已经开始了。正如我们当初预测,PL已经将超骑移动到了我们家门口,排除可利用的少许因素,我们绝大部分时间都将会是以寡敌众。我们只能期望能在旗舰战中一锤定音结束这场战争,然而如你们所见,4-GB的星城并不能给予我们足够的筹码和时间。我们丢掉了4-GB的ihub并且没能及时夺回来,这很可能意味着我们会失去这座星城,这让人很不爽,但是这游戏就是这么玩的,TEST的目的是赢得战争,而不是一场战斗。(¯ \_(ツ)_/¯)

那么我们到底如何赢得战争呢?PL南下之后我们没有立刻发出联盟简报,因为我们不能确定如何划分战线。Goons在PL南下后决定把所有甲亢超旗北上派往云环并且在北方丢下了星城,这使得战争局势清晰明朗起来,这是一场Imperium和Legacy加上一堆杂碎(7W+)对抗全世界(1.5W + 1.5W ph)的战争(vily你开心就好2333)。鉴于这种局势,我们也就不做婊子立牌坊了,正如我们的对手所做的一样,今天我们将正式拉蓝Imperium。



  1. 从4-GB星城搬离一切物资。星城的timer设在EUTZ,我们大概率会失去她,这里并不是我们的集结点所以对我们来说问题不是很大,但仍旧需要提醒一下。
  2. 对接下来的战斗做好心理准备。你们要做好丢地丢建筑的心理准备,但我们无论如何都不能送肉。纪律对于任何军事组织都非常重要。我看过一个拳击电影,主角为了能在最后一回合取胜必须在之前忍受挨打,我们接下来的战略方针也会类似如此,但我暂时不会公开细节。
  3. 加强对ping的反应力。这将是一场比拚起队速度的战争。如果我ping了期舰,我需要你们立刻上线旗舰,我需要你们丢下手头的一切像牲口一样狂拍你旗舰小号的登陆按钮,我需要你立刻离开你心爱的矿带做好战斗准备。我们能够有效还击的机会非常有限,有时候只有不到几分钟。
  4. 别TMD送肉。每次送肉只会鼓励我们的敌人再来一瓶。你送了一条鲸鱼,明天这群人就会再来光顾,bomber bar最喜欢干这种事,skill和pl也是惯犯。
  5. 记住及时查询联盟舰队配置,我们好歹把配置wiki修好了:
    https://wiki.pleaseignore.com/military:doctrines:start (好孩子不要乱点,乱点还傻呵呵登陆账户了的自己负责)
  6. 确保你的旗舰随时能参战。你们的公司CEO应该已经得到了指示,现在我需要你们自己也努力保证能随时参战。我们要为可能发生的旗舰战做准备,届时会持续通知旗舰和超旗驾驶员需要的调整和调度,我需要你们尽快做出这些调整,保证你的旗舰在ping之前随时准备好战斗,作为一个合格的TEST旗舰驾驶员你需要保证你的旗舰能随时投送战场。
  7. 如果你是USTZ,给老子起床,今晚(7月11号)我们有这几年来最大的USTZ战斗可打,别整天像个活尸一样,准备好战斗。我们今天会参加goons的星城防御,ET0200,我希望至少见到两支满编。
要说的就这些(还少啊(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)。我们在埃索特亚呆了18个月,这期间你们有一些公司成长了很多,也有一些浪费了不少联盟给予你们的资源,但这些已经不重要了。目前的处境我们没时间去清算你们过去干了什么,我现在只在乎你们在接下来的几个月内的表现。保持冷静,耐心,纪律,我们就能耗死我们的敌人。

  • 拉蓝goons爸爸
  • 南边干不过了,全员财产搬离4-GB星城
  • 坚持打不过就不接战原则,但是随时准备接ping上线,尤其是旗舰和超旗TT
  • 我们马上(现在已经是过去时)要北上去帮goons爸爸守星城
  • 你们TMD这群菜鸡让你们刷了一年半P用没有,以后给老子和goons爸爸好好干活
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